Six Star Treatment

Six Star Treatment

Whether you are an agent, a manager, a lawyer, admin support, marketer, designer, or simply put – a professional – we are ALL in the “hospitality” business. Every day, we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our loved ones, friends and clients. After all, people  always remember how they FELT during an interaction. When we serve others with special care and attention – as if they were VIP guests at an exclusive hotel – the better the experience for all involved!

Leonard Steinberg, our Compass evangelist, speaks of “Six Star Service.” A Six Star treatment is critical for every client – customer interaction, defined by a professional who provides superior service that ultimately results in satisfaction for the client.

At the MJR Groupe, we aim to deliver an amazing experience, every time.  Our team follows these five important principles:

1.   Care genuinely. Demonstrate genuine caring by listening and fully acknowledging the needs of others.

2.   Communicate with kindness. Consistently communicate in an empathetic, friendly, well-mannered tone – both in person and in writing.

3.   Act swiftly and with purpose. Competency and results matter. Follow up in a timely fashion.

4.   End strong. If you have succeeded in your mission – even if the outcome is not exactly what was planned – be sure to end things on a high note.

5.   Feel good.  Do everything in your power to make the other feel satisfied and informed throughout the process. Little gestures make big impressions.

Who doesn’t enjoy a stay at a multi-star hotel with ultra-service?  Applying these five principles  to all professional interactions ensures success.  The MJR Groupe extends highly personalized service, professionalism, discretion, empathy and thoughtfulness in all of our engagements. If you are ready to work with a partner committed to this level of service, I’d love to connect with you.