Miami, No Car Needed Part 1:  7 Ways to Ride in Style

Miami, No Car Needed Part 1: 7 Ways to Ride in Style

When I was 15, one of the most exciting events I anticipated was getting my driver’s license and having the freedom to take myself everywhere. Montreal, where I grew up, has a fantastic public transportation system; there are city buses with routes to everywhere, and an underground metro that comes in quite handy in the cold winter months. The underground metro stations even have retail stores! And while I grew up appreciating this amazing public transportation, a driver’s license gave me a sense of freedom that public transit couldn’t.


Fast-forward a few decades and it is incredible how quickly our attitudes have changed in regards to cars. I think we’re starting to embrace life without cars and, more interestingly, condos without parking, which encourages the use of public transit. To attract Millennials who are more apt to use public transportation, Miami is making a hard-core effort to increase the options for transportation and green space.


Did you know?

  • Reports referenced by Department of Transportation and American Automobile Association found that miles traveled by car for people 34 or younger are down 23% and the percentage of high school seniors with drivers licenses fell from 72% between 1996-2010.
  • In 2014, Americans bought more bikes than cars and trucks.


There are no less than seven reliable public transportation options for getting around Miami.  And many of them are FREE!  Here’s a traveler tip:  download the Miami Dade Transit Tracker and Miami Trolley apps to your iPhone or Android mobile device to help navigate your options.


Are you ready to roll? You can now reach your destination using:


1)  Metromover (free) with 3 main loops:

  • Brickell Loop
  • Downtown Loop
  • Omni Loop


2)  Trolley (free)


3)  Freebee

      • Electric cars that provide free rides
      • Free App
      • Just tip driver
      • Serving Brickell, Downtown Miami and Miami Beach


4)  Uber and Lyft: Lots of drivers available with a wait of just a few minutes


5)  Cabs: Easily accessible


6)  City Bikes: Bike sharing and rental system – Miami Beach and Downtown


7)  All Aboard Florida:  The Brightline express train service will run from Miami to Orlando (3 hours).  Launching service between Miami and West Palm Beach in 2017, with service from Miami to Orlando following.


There are no less than seven reliable public transportation options for getting around Miami. And many of them are FREE!


This is an exciting time to live in Miami and experience the changes in our city as it grows. Each new transportation option is sure to make our lives easier. All we have to do is embrace the ways our city is evolving. If you have any other modes of transportation that you use, please let me know.


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