Life’s Surprises: A Gas Station That Has It All!

Life’s Surprises: A Gas Station That Has It All!

Several years ago, my cosmetic surgeon rented office space from my dentist. What a wonderful introduction for them and a huge benefit for me as I could have my teeth cleaned and Botox at the same time. How very time efficient.

I had a very similar experience having lunch with my colleague and friend Ray Zomerfeld. He asked me to meet him at the gas station for lunch on 17th Avenue and US1. I have been stopping for gas for years at this station, heard from my friends that their pastries, wine selection, and food are superb and yesterday I was lucky enough to experience it.


El Carajo as I understand has morphed through the years to become a delicious spot for lunch and dinner. Their menu is diverse and the wine choices are incredible, all at the gas station!

Whether a fish or meat lover, there is a very comprehensive selection of food choices. Wine at lunch is the norm at El Carajo. The decor takes you back to an old Spanish building. The servers were accommodating and exceptionally nice. All in all, I am now more efficient in getting my gas, wine, lunch, teeth cleaned, and Botox.

I hope you get to enjoy this all in one experience as well!

El-Carajo-Miami-gas-stationLocated at 2465  SW 17th Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA.

Bon Appétit!