4 Ways to Enjoy Everything in Moderation

4 Ways to Enjoy Everything in Moderation

Diet, organic, gluten free, dairy free, more vitamin D, less supplements…so many options but what is right for each of us?

Every summer I go to Canyon Ranch in Tucson for a health and spirituality boost. I am continuously working on being physically healthy. Every time I hear about the newest eating regime or supplement I run out to buy it thinking this will be the best way to achieve optimal health.

Yesterday, I was in Dr. Stephen Brewer, M.D. lecture on moderation in health and it truly resonated with me. We speak about it but do we really live a life of moderation? Here are a few tips I learned on living a healthier life.


There is no drug or supplement that is better than exercise. 150 minutes per week of cardio can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, cancer or recurring cancer, and diabetes.

Excessive exercise can cause muscle strains, ligament tears, bone fractures and reduced libido.

Dietary Extremes:

How do we enjoy a balanced diet while not feeling like we are missing out and continuously watching our weight? The answer is simple. We must eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits and proteins (fish, chicken and limited amounts of red meats).

One of the things I enjoy is drinking alcohol, in moderation of course. For me, nothing can be absolute or it becomes arduous rather than a way of life.

No Fats. No carbs:

Embrace a life of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and you are on the way to a healthier food life. An occasional pizza is o.k. as well.

Good stress vs. bad stress:

It is good to have some stress in our lives as it makes us think and challenges us. Too much stress can increase our cortisol levels and can lead to health issues. Meditation, journaling, hypnosis, therapy and exercise are some options to help reduce stress levels.

The biggest lesson that resonated for me is to take a breath before running out to get the next miracle health fix, examine what I am doing daily and enjoy every day one bite at a time.

Miami’s tropical climate makes it easier to find healthy foods and to exercise year-round. And many of our residential developments offer amenities to help residents stay active. Let me show you homes that will help you to live your healthiest life.